Camp Wilmot Director

Camp Wilmot is seeking a new Director or Directors to lead summer Youth Camps! For 2022, we are planning an exciting schedule that includes:

  • Family & Reunion Camp - July 1 - 5, 2022

  • Tentative Staff Training - July 3 - 9 

  • 2 weeks of Youth Camp

    • Week 1: July 10 - 16

    • Week 2: July 17 - 23

  • Adventure Camp July 24 - 30


The Camp Director/s will be responsible for planning for the Camps, preparing for them with administrative planning, staff identification and onboarding, facilities preparation and curriculum planning. The Directors will cap their work by leading the summer’s camps with joyful energy! Directors should plan on having full time availability from the last week of June through the end of July - with significant time for planning starting in April. The role of Director usually runs from January - January.


Over time, Camp Wilmot has had many successful ways of staffing for this challenging and rewarding role. The Board of Directors has identified three primary staffing models we might use for 2022. 


We are inviting interested applicants to:

  • Review the role options below

  • Review the job description below

  • Apply by sending the following to

    • A resume or CV with qualifications

    • A cover letter outlining what you might do as a Camp Director and why you are interested

    • Let us know which of the staffing models you’d be interested - and qualified - to apply for


Our goal is to finalize the staffing for Director by February 2022 - please send applications by January 31, 2022.

Role Options

Please take into consideration as you review which roles you are interested in that the more individuals who are contracted to fill the role - the less work each individual will have, but also the less each individual will be paid.

Sole Directorship

This role takes on sole individual responsibility for all the Job Responsibilities of the Director - from planning to staff training to social media. In this role, you are responsible - with the support of the Board of Directors and Camp Wilmot family - for all of the preparation and execution needed for Camp Wilmot to run successfully in 2022. This should be considered a full time role for at least one month leading up to Camp.


For ACA Compliance reasons, this role should only be held by someone 25 years of age or older.


Sole Directorship & Maintenance

This role adds the responsibilities and compensation (variable based on experience) for the Maintenance Director to the existing Job Description of the Camp Wilmot Directors. This should be considered a full time role from mid Spring through the end of August.


For ACA Compliance reasons, this role should only be held by someone 25 years of age or older.


Physical requirements also include the ability to lift 50 pounds.

Lead Director with Supporting Directors

In this version of Directorship, we expect one primary Director to be responsible for the organization, planning and delegation of the work needed to plan and execute for the 2022 camps, with Associate Directors responsible for specific elements. The breakdown of roles is a suggestion - the BOD is open to proposals on how candidates would like to organize their work.


Lead Director 40%: Primary responsibility to ensure all necessary tasks and functions are assigned and executed. Planning and coordination fall under this role, in addition to executing on many of the day-to-day tasks of Directorship. This person would be primarily responsible for communications with the BOD, other directors, staff and accrediting facilities. The Lead Director may also choose to do one of the Supporting Director roles as listed below.


This role should be held by someone 21 years of age or older.


Curriculum Director 30%: Responsible for the planning, preparation and execution of the Camp Wilmot curriculum. Leads communications about the themes of camp, designs or selects appropriate theological curriculum and modifies it as needed for the unique traditions and profile of Camp Wilmot. This person should also be ready to be a spiritual mentor for staff and campers. This role will also include communications, such as social media campaigns, fund-raising or outreach.


Facilities Director 30%: If the pipes are leaking, this person is on call to identify the problem, inform the BOD, and marshal the resources to fix the problem. This Director will lead Camp Opening Weekend, document the physical needs of Camp and take initiative to either fix those needs or ask the BOD/Maintenance Director for help to resolve the issues. It is the responsibility of this Director to ensure the facility is ready for Campers!



A co-Director model would be more self-organizing, without a lead role. At the beginning of their term, the Directors should identify who will be responsible for which of the Job Responsibilities of the Directors, and communicate those planned responsibilities to the BOD.

Job Description

Essential Job Functions:

  • Vision, Mission Values

    • Has an active faith in Jesus Christ and shares a desire for campers to come to know Him.

    • Ensure that visitors to Camp Wilmot have a relevant, meaningful experience. 

    • Plan, lead and direct summer camps for children, youths, adults and families.

    • Develop or choose a curriculum that ensures that all campers are told of the love God has for them and are introduced to Christianity in a simple and approachable way to all.

  • Promotion and Development

    • To lead, promote, advertise and build participation in all of Camp Wilmot’s youth summer camp programs and events.

    • Attend professional meetings as appropriate to improve staff, facilities. 

    • Set up Campdoc, communicate necessary website updates, and social media. Social media should be utilized in order to promote summer camp programming; non summer camp related posts should be communicated with the BOD liaison. 

    • To take part in at least 5 hours of professional development per year.

  • Financial Oversight

    • Develop the annual program budget and to agree an appropriate staffing budget with the Board of Directors.

    • Develop methods and systems for pricing programs competitively and appropriately to be self-sustaining in partnership with the Board of Directors

    • Work in partnership with the treasurer for regular financial updates.

  • Staff

    • Develop focused training programs for staff

    • Supervise staff and volunteers

    • Recruit summer staff and interview new staff members


The Camp Director/s will communicate and collaborate with the Board of Directors, to: 

  • Implement and uphold all camp policies 

  • Work with the Board to prepare a long-range, strategic plan for Summer Camps

  • Report regularly to the Board about progress toward organizational objectives, financial status of the organization and other issues of concern to the Board

  • Ensure camper and staff safety in view of the ongoing concerns regarding COVID19, and develop and execute a plan for ensuring the safety of all


Other Job Duties:

  • Invest in yourself spiritually, professionally and recreationally

  • Follow all organizational policies and procedures

  • To work with the ACA committee to maintain necessary paperwork as delegated by the committee. To familiarize yourself with all ACA regulations and requirements and ensure compliance. 

  • Conducts all activities in accordance with the guidelines of the PCCCA, Presbytery policies, ACA requirements and insurance requirements. 

  • All staff will be trained on specific job functions and clear expectations for acceptable performance. 

  • Directors will provide staff with written guidelines and will train to monitor staff performance, to reinforce or correct staff behavior, and to carry out their responsibilities in the camp’s performance review system.

  • Directors will have an annual evaluation and debrief (August) with the Board Personnel team.

  • During the summer season, the BOD will check in regularly with the Director(s) and one observational visit will take place during the summer season. During this time the appointed Board Member will meet with the Director(s) individually.


Maintaining Effective Relationships and Communications:
Effective relationships and communications include those with the Board of Directors and staff members. The Camp Director is expected to provide accurate and regular reports to the Board of Directors. Also, the Director is expected to work with the site maintenance manager to ensure New Hampshire State law compliance. Additionally, the Camp Director is expected to mentor staff in their spiritual journey and care about their welfare. The Director will partake in the process of recruiting and hiring summer staff. 


Equipment Used:
The Camp Director must be able to drive in case of emergency and for general transportation requirements. 


Required Qualifications: 

  • Commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, Spiritually mature

  • Significant Camp, mission or ministry experience. At least two years worth of experience in a leadership role is required. 

  • Personal initiative, ability to understand and embrace the mission statement, vision and purpose. 

  • Demonstrate excellent organizational, marketing, fundraising, supervisory and interpersonal skills. 

  • Critical thinking and evaluation abilities to develop relevant, meaningful and attractive programming that is updated regularly

  • Display a positive attitude and be able to work without direct supervision, maintaining accountability and responsibility.

  • Must possess a valid driving license

  • At least 21 years old

  • Must present an acceptable background investigation, to be checked annually. 

  • Must pass an annual check of the sex offenders register.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • At least 25 years old


Physical Aspects of the Job:
The Camp Director must be physically able to move around the site with ease.





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