Camp Wilmot's COVID-19 Plan & Response

There is so much to do to get ready for our campers! We are gearing up to spend another summer providing a safe, nurturing environment that will allow campers to connect with one another, with our staff, with God, and with creation in Camp Wilmot’s beautiful 200 acres of pond, fields, and forest. We are confident in our plans to open for summer 2021 and our ability to provide our campers with the community, love, and safety that they need now more than ever.

We have been hard at work preparing for this summer for over a year! We are putting together policies and procedures to address concerns around Covid-19 using the best scientific information available, but we know that these policies will likely shift before we welcome our first campers in July. While some of the finer details are still unknown, we do promise that Camp Wilmot will meet and exceed all of the guidance from the CDC, NH Department of Health, and American Camp Association.

As we update policies based on state, national, and American Camp Association guidelines, we will continue to update this page. If you would like to receive an email when updates are made, please fill out this form.

Communication with registered families 5/26/2021:

Thank you for registering for Camp Wilmot this summer! We are so excited to re-open our doors to youth programming this summer, and confident we will be able to do so safely! Much of this summer will be very similar to previous summers at Camp Wilmot. We’ll have most of the same activities and traditions and an awesome roster of returning staff. The packing list - found at - will be the same, save that we are asking each camper to arrive at camp with 6 clean face masks.


There will be some differences in light of the virus.


Pick up and drop off will be staggered with families remaining in vehicles the entire time (more information below). 


Every camper must arrive at camp with PROOF of full vaccination OR a negative PCR test taken within the previous 7 days. Full vaccination means two shots, with two full weeks since the second shot. Campers cannot be checked in without proof of vaccination OR proof of a negative PCR test.


We will be testing all campers upon arrival with a PCR test. In the week before your camper’s session, when you receive your drop off time slot via email, you will receive a waiver form to complete and return that authorizes Camp Wilmot to administer a PCR covid test to your camper.


We are also asking all families to track their camper’s health for the 7 days leading up to drop off using our 7 Day Health Screening Form. Families are invited to either make a copy of the document on google, or to print it out, and fill it out each day in the seven days leading up to camp. We will send daily reminders leading up to your camp session.


Please continue reading to learn more about our pick up and drop off procedure. And do not hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns. We can’t wait for the summer to begin! 


Kayla, Robin, and Caleb

Director Team 2021


What will pick up and drop off be like?

Due to COVID-19 precautions, drop offs and pick ups for every camp will be drive through only. In the weeks leading up to camp, all families will receive an email with their designated drop off or pick up time slot. We ask you to please arrive at camp during that half an hour time window. If unforeseen circumstances arise and you will be arriving outside of that window, please contact or 603-768-3350 as soon as possible.


During drop off, you will drive up Camp Wilmot’s gravel drive, and then be guided through several drop off stations while making a loop around the parking lot. During these drive through stations, you will be able to complete all the normal drop off tasks - checking your registration is complete, depositing money with the camp store, securing your camper’s medications with our nurse, dropping off luggage, and picking up your camper’s name tag and t-shirt. This year, the check in process will include verifying that your camper is fully vaccinated or has received a negative viral COVID-19 test (PCR test required, antigen test not accepted) within the last 7 days, that you have completed your 1 week health monitoring form, and collecting another sample for a PCR test. At the last station, campers will say goodbye to their families, exit the vehicle, and join their counselor and cabin mates who will be waiting nearby. Only those registered for camp will exit their vehicles during drop off. Due to the “closed campus” policy dictated by the ACA, CDC, and NH Government, we will not allow families to accompany their camper(s) to the cabins or around the site. All those who are not registered as campers for the week in question must remain in their vehicles at all times. 


Pick up will follow a similar pattern. Families will be notified of their pick up time window several weeks in advance. Families will arrive within that time slot, drive up the gravel drive, and be guided through several pick up stations while making a loop around the parking lot. Families will be able to check out at the camp store, receive medication back from the nurse, and collect their camper’s luggage. At the last stop, the family will sign off on receiving the camper and the camper will climb into the vehicle! Families will not be allowed to exit their cars during the pick up procedure. Due to our closed campus, we cannot have family members on our site. For this reason, we are not able to have our usual closing ceremony. We will be putting together a virtual ceremony and slideshow which we will post and send out to families following pick up.


All those registered for camp and their families will receive emails with detailed instructions pertaining to their specific camp sessions in the weeks leading up to Camp.

Communication with families and donors 4/2/2021:

Hello Camp Wilmot Family,


We are thrilled to be able to prepare to open Camp Wilmot again this summer and are grateful for the registrations that have already started coming in. We encourage all of you to register yourselves or your young people to join us again this summer on Campdoc


We know that there will be many questions about how Camp Wilmot will run safely considering the pandemic we still find ourselves in. We have created this FAQ sheet with answers to questions we both anticipate having and have already been asked. This is a live document, meaning that it will continue to be updated as we prepare for the summer and as additional guidance is issued by the ACA, CDC, and State of New Hampshire. If you have additional questions that are not answered there, please reach out to us at The most up-to-date information can be found on our website, 


Thank you all for your continuous loving support of Camp Wilmot - we hope to see you this summer!


Sending love,

Robin, Kayla, and Caleb

Camp Wilmot Directors 2021