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Our program exists to further the mission of the church through sharing the good news and love of Jesus Christ. A camping experience is a gold mine for Christian education, mission, growth and recreation. The key is to involve people so they can benefit from this unique experience. We endeavour to be the evidence of Jesus’ love that to all who visit Camp Wilmot!

Campers will participate in Bible Study, Morning Worship, and Evening Vespers based on the curriculum developed by the Camp Leadership.


Our attitude at Wilmot is to stay positive and remain flexible – filling in and helping out wherever needed.

  • Campers are given responsibility for keeping Camp Wilmot safe, clean and leaving things as we find them. 

  • Campers are taught to be good stewards and to treat others as they would want to be treated.

At Camp Wilmot, we believe that God loves all people and we welcome people of all gender and racial identities, sexualities, and economic backgrounds! We celebrate and embrace the diversity of experience, ideas, and identity that our campers and staff bring to camp. All campers are encouraged to learn about and learn from one another each and every day.

  • Campers will learn about and from one another and the staff.

  • Everyone at camp will accept and embrace all identities and experiences of others.



Camp should be rewarding spiritually and emotionally for all campers. Camp should be fun! The youth can learn new things, see old friends and meet new ones. The camp program should stimulate development of each camper. 

  • Staff will encourage campers to try new things and to always try their best. 

  • Counselors will plan progression for their activities throughout the week.


Camp is for the campers first! The physical, emotional and spiritual well‐being of our campers is the primary responsibility of all staff. Counselors will serve as a role model, mentor, safety monitor, friend, teacher, and authority figure to the young people in your cabin. We never underestimate our role and the power we have to make a difference in a camper’s life. 

  • Each camper will participate in at least two activities during the week that will challenge them (e.g. teambuilding activities, hiking up Mount Bog, canoeing, arts & crafts, leading worship or other adventure activities).

  • Campers will have the opportunity to work in small groups during cabin challenge where they must work together.

Community Living and Core Values

Camping is an experience in community living. We provide opportunities to practice being unselfish, cooperative, responsible, self‐controlled, honest, and considerate of others. 

  • Campers will live together in cabins and eat meals together. They will be taught to treat others as they would like to be treated. 

  • Staff and leaders are reminded that "they will know we are Christians by our love" and to remember that we are to set an example to love as Christ would love. 

- Goals

Stewardship of God's Creation

We are called to enjoy and take care of the creation which has been entrusted to us. We at Camp Wilmot are committed to facilitating these leadership and growth opportunities throughout our community and curriculum.

  • Campers are taught how to look after nature and leave things as we find them. 

  • Campers are taught about the value of sustainability and composting.

Outcomes and Goals
Camp should be an enriching experience mentally, socially, physically and spiritually. We have specific outcomes under the following categories and if you hover over them can read our goal for each area. Our hope is that everyone who visits our site leaves feeling positively changed. 

Non-Discrimination Policy 


Camp Wilmot, in accordance with its nondiscrimination policies, does not discriminate in its programs, facilities, or employment or educational opportunities on the basis of race, color, age, criminal record (inquiries only), disability, homelessness, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, genetics or military status, and does not tolerate any form of retaliation, or bias­ based intimidation, threat or harassment that demeans individuals’ dignity or interferes with their ability to learn or work.

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