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Family Winter Weekend

Friday, February 7th - Sunday, February 9th

Festivities begin Friday night with worship at 8:30pm. We’ll worship and enjoy tasty treats together before calling it a night. Saturday will bring bible study, homemade meals, lots of singing, and Youth Camp tried and true activities, along with a couple of surprises that can only happen when our camp is covered in snow and ice. We'll explore our theme of "Seasons of Growth" by talking about Job 14:7, "Even a tree has more hope! If it is cut down, it will sprout again and grow new branches!" We’ll hit the road Sunday morning so folks can be back in time for morning worship at their respective churches. Please be sure to pack warm clothing AND bedding, and bring along whatever helps you have fun outside in the winter, like sleds, snowshoes, skates, etc. Kids can come in groups or alone, but we welcome and encourage Winter Weekend to be a family affair! Families with children of all ages are welcome!! Register below!

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