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Camp Wilmot

Junior Board of Directors


Adam, Chair

I want to be on the junior board because from the first time I came to camp i didnt know what to expect but immediately fell in love with it and wanted to keep coming back. I have always looked up to the counselors and staff. I want to be part of that and hopefully one day people will look up to me.


Cadance, Secretary 

Why did I decide to be part of the junior board?  Well when I first saw Camp Wilmots add to be a member there was no hesitation or doubt that this is something I wanted to be part of. I have such a strong passion for Camp Wilmot; though I have not been part of the community that long Camp Wilmot is a home away from home for me. Camp Wilmot has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most wholesome and kind people in my life, and I look up to these people everyday. I have grown so much through my camp experience and I continue to grow more and more everyday. I have also had the chance to connect more with god ever since I have been part of the Cano Wilmot family. I feel that the junior board gives me the opportunity to give back. I love camp wilmot so much and the whole environment brings me so much joy. 



I want to be on the CW junior board because I genuinely care about CW and want to see it thrive. I think having a junior board for the kids at our camp is going to be a positive thing. I love being part of groups so I am glad that I am included. This is something that the kids can do to help this camp beyond just attending so I am glad that I am here to represent people for the camp. 



I want to be a part of this group because CW has been a part of my life for years since I was 11 and I have always been looking forward to it. In the future I want to be included in it. Someday I want to lead the camp and I want to see it thrive.



I want to be part of this junior board because I really like camp and I want to see it thrive. I have some really smart ideas and I think I can use them to help the camps future and help the camp to move on. 



Let me just say, camp is an amazing place. The people are so welcoming and are very open. It's a judgement free zone. I came from a very hard past and with all the fear and anger and sadness bottled up inside of me just flow out at camp. No one cares what religion you are or school u go to or the color of your skin or if you are part of the LGBTQ. I bealive that this camp changes lives and I wanna be part of that change. Weather a junior counselor or part of the camp tradition.



I love the camp, but I also accept that there's a lot we can work on and I'm excited to do that. I want to help improve camp by organizing ways to fix problems at the camp to a point where we're no longer putting band-aids on issues and we can actually make progress. I know the camp really well and am open minded about how we can improve it. I've been a part of a lot of closing weekends and work trips, so I know how we can go about fixing issues. I also am at camp every year, so I know what the campers are looking for and what they want.

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The reason why I want to be on the junior board of director at Camp Wilmot is because I want to see it to be a camp that people see as a good one and can trust their kids at camp. I want to help with fundraising for the camp and would like to see the barn fixed up so that people can sleep there. I love going for hikes and swimming at camp.

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