Adopt A Cabin

Camp Wilmot is now offering an opportunity for you to adopt a cabin at camp and become a Camp Wilmot sponsor.  As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to attend a sponsors-only weekend event and receive a discount on all winter rentals!


The sponsors weekend will be all-inclusive. We will provide food, games and even a kid friendly social hour! You will spend Friday and Saturday night sleeping in your adopted cabin. As a sponsor you will also receive 25% off all winter rentals in the farm house. Winter rentals are from November 1st - April 1st.  Spend some time snow shoeing around camp or sledding down the famous Vesper Hill. We will also place a plaque with your name outside your cabin door to let everyone know the cabin has been adopted. 

Adoption dates run from: January 1st - December 31st
Cabin adoption rates:

  • Waterfront Cabins: $1000  - Choose: blue, yellow, orange, green, or purple

  • Hideaway Cabin: $2000  - This cabin is 2 cabins in 1 with a kitchen and great room with a beautiful stone fireplace.

  • Vesper Cabins: $500 - Secluded in a forested area of camp, Vesper Cabins are great for our more rugged families. 

Payment Plan Options


  1. Pay in full at the time of adoption.

  2. Pay in 4 installments; January, February, April and June

  3. Pay in 6 installments; January, February, March, April, May and June

Which Cabin would you like to adopt?

Click on the image to see the inside of each cabin


Blue Cabin - Lake Front


(Anonymous Donor)

Yellow Cabin - Lake Front


(The Jacobs Family)

Green Cabin - Lake Front


(Anonymous Donor)


Orange Cabin - Lake Front


(Anonymous Donor)

Purple Cabin - Lake Front


(The Flynn Family)


Hideaway Cabin 

Vesper Cabin #1 


(Caleb Petersen)

Vesper Cabin #2   ADOPTED

(Lily Steiner and Olivia Barnhart)

Vesper Cabin #3


(The Devine Family)

Vesper Cabin #4


Reinke and Sons     Woodworks